WRPCO is comprised of the Petenwell and Castle Rock Reservoirs.

  • Land Use Policies and Rules
    Guide for administering public land use policies, and to clarify policy specifics regarding the usage of WRPCO lands.
  • Castle Rock
    The Castle Rock Flowage consists of 16,640 acres and is the fourth largest inland body of water in Wisconsin.
  • Petenwell
    The Petenwell Flowage consists of 23,040 acres and is the second largest inland body of water in Wisconsin.
  • Recreation Sites
    A list of existing public recreational sites within Petenwell and Castle Rock Hydroelectric Project.

NOTICE: CLOSED – Town of Armenia Boat Landing and Fishing Pier

Due to significant damage caused by ice shoves, WRPCO has closed the Town of Armenia boat landing (located at 10th and 19th streets) and adjacent fishing pier until further notice.

The ice shoves have severely damaged the boat landing’s rip-rap, pushed boat ramp planks upward and completely removed the fishing pier's support foundation. In addition to the damage to the boat ramp and fishing pier, approximately 600 feet of shoreline stabilization will need to be replaced.

The boat landing and fishing pier are the only two recreation amenities to be closed. WRPCO strongly urges recreation users to exercise caution if using the adjacent shoreline, as rip-rap there has also been damaged by the ice shoves.

Recreation users are able to use the Juneau County Wilderness Park boat landing located approximately two-and-a-half miles to northeast of the boat landing.

The boat landing and fishing pier are anticipated to remain closed throughout the recreation season while WRPCO obtains necessary local, state and federal approvals to make repairs. WRPCO will post updates on when repairs will be complete.